The best way to start a blog in 2021…



If you’re a complete beginner to websites and blogging, have no fear,
this tutorial is written with you in mind. This guide will walk you through exactly how to
create your ownblog, so that you can begin blogging in no time.


We will show you that starting your blog with WordPress does not have to be complicated or scary, if you follow this step by step tutorial.


This tutorial will show you how to:


  • Choose the best web hosting for your blog
  • Get a free domain name
  • Have your WordPress blog installed and running in minutes
  • Choose your blog design


There are three things you need to transform your blog from an idea into a reality, and the good news is that they are very easy to do.


  1. An account with a hosting provider which is where your website is housed.
  2. A domain name which basically means the name of your website Eg.
  3. WordPress to be installed on your domain.


Ready? Let’s begin!


STEP 1 – Get A Hosting Account.


Every website needs hosting to be visible on the internet. There are many hosting providers to choose from, however there are a number of reasons why we recommend choosing Bluehost.


  1. They are endorsed by WordPress and have been working together since 2005 to ensure the simplest blog setup possible.
  2. Bluehost provides a free domain name.
  3. Bluehost has a one-click WordPress install.
  4. Bluehost offers excellent discounts for new signup, up to over 60% off.


Click the button below to get your Bluehost discount and get this show on the road:


get special rate


We recommend that you open this tutorial and the Bluehost page in two separate windows, side by side.

Bluehost Signup


Click on the blue “Get Started” button to get going.




This will take you to the plans page, where the different options are compared. The Basic and the Plus plan are the most popular. Bear in mind that the Basic plan allows you to run one domain, while the rest allow unlimited domains.


Click the plan that suits you best to go to the next step.




The next thing to do is to fill out the “Create a new domain” window with your domain name (if you’re not sure it’s available, enter it anyway and Bluehost will tell you if it is).


bluehost domain name




bluehost package info


The final step of creating your Bluehost account is filling out all the required information on the form so your account can be set up.


Select the package extras that you want, however none of them are essential.




For now, we’ll just look at setting up your WordPress installation. As you will see Bluehost make it really easy for you.


Follow these simple steps:


  1. Go to My Sites, by clicking the My Sites option in the left hand side menu.


2. Then click “Add site”.


Now set your site name, and also your site tagline. Your site title should relate to what your site is going to be about, sometimes but not always coinciding with the domain name. The tagline is a brief description about the site, which helps both visitors and search engines identify the type of content on it.



3. You can choose to have some free WordPress plugins installed but they are not necessary and can always be installed later. Only install plugins when you really need them because they can slow your site load time significantly if you use a lot of them.


Click the “Next” button and in a few moments you shoudl see the following screen, confirming that WordPress has been installed successfully on your domain:


Congratulations, you now have your blog up and running with WordPress installed on it! Go get writing!


You can preview your site by typing your domain name into your browser. You will see that it has a default WordPress theme installed on it, which controls look and style of your website. It should look something like this.



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