Follow These Steps and Get Your WordPress Blog, Hosting, and Free Domain Up and Running in 15 Minutes.


This post will show you step by step how to get your WordPress blog and free domain up and running on Bluehost in just 15 minutes.




Click this button to go to Bluehost and get a discounted rate:


get special rate


You should now see the following screen:


Bluehost Signup


Now click the “Get Started” button.


Bluehost Pricing


The most important difference between the plans is the number of websites allowed – the basic is just one website, while the rest are limitless. If you’re only planning to have one website at the moment the Basic price really is excellent and probably the best deal you’ll find. 


If you decide to add more websites at a later date you can upgrade at any time. If you upgrade then you will also benefit from the discounted rate for the upgraded plan.


All plans include a free SSL certificate for your domain/s.


At this step you need to select a plan and also an introductory period or either 12, 24, or 36 months. The longer the period you select, the lower your monthly rate will be. We recommend always choosing the longer term, because pretty much all hosting companies offer a reduced rate for new signups which later goes to the full rate, so the longer you delay it, the longer you can enjoy a discounted rate.


Once you have selected the plan that suits you best you will see the following screen where you can choose your free domain name:

bluehost domain name


At this step you need to either use the left hand box to search for a new domain name, or use the right hand box if you already have a domain name (a previously registered domain name is also accepted on your Bluehost account).


Also good to know is that you can leave this step until later on if you’re not sure what domain name you want yet (click the link below the boxes).


Bluehost choose domain later




Once you have inserted your domain name, click the “Next” button and you will be taken to the “Create your account” page:

bluehost domain name available

Bluehost will tell you if your chosen domain name is available. 


Fill out all the required information on the form so your account can be set up.



Select the package extras that you want, however none of them are essential.




If you move your cursor off the page when you are at this step of the process, the system will think that you are not going to complete your purchase, so an extra discount will be offered to you via a pop-up window. Take advantage of this tip to get yourself some additional savings.



Click the green “Claim Savings” button.


bluehost package info


Now you will see that you have got yourself an excellent discounted rate for the Account Plan. Choose 36 months to get the biggest discount.


Fill out the payment information, accept the terms and conditions and then click the “submit” button.


If the payment is successful, you should see the following screen:



Click the “Create your account” button.




Create your own password and click “Create Account”.



Next the log in screen will appear – login in with your domain name and the password you just created in the previous step.





This is the screen you will see after you have logged in – it’s your Bluehost main control panel.


From here you can view your site, domains, and plenty of other cool stuff.




For now, we’ll just look at setting up your WordPress installation. As you will see Bluehost make it really easy for you.


Follow these simple steps:


  1. Go to My Sites, by clicking the My Sites option in the left hand side menu.


2. Then click “Add site”.


  1. Now set your site name, and also your site tagline. Your site title should relate to what your site is going to be about, sometimes but not always coinciding with the domain name. The tagline is a brief description about the site, which helps both visitors and search engines identify the type of content on it.


Click the “Advanced” button to see the advanced options which we recommend filling out here.


Here you need to insert the email address that you wish to use as your admin email address for this WordPress install. This is where notifications about updates, any issues etc. will be sent to.


Now set your WordPress Admin Username – we highly recommend that you don’t leave it as “admin” which is the default name, because this is too easy for hackers. Think of a unique name, preferably that is related to your site name.


Finally create your WordPress login password. We recommend that this be as strong a password as possible to make sure your website is well protected.


4. Choose the domain you want to install WordPress on (if you only have one, just choose that one).


You can choose to have some free WordPress plugins installed but they are not necessary and can always be installed later. Only install plugins when you really need them because they can slow your site load time significantly if you use a lot of them.


Click the “Next” button and in a few moments you shoudl see the following screen, confirming that WordPress has been installed successfully on your domain:


It’s that simple!




Now click the “Login to WordPress” link to go to your WordPress dashboard where you will see the following screen.



This is the WordPress dashboard from where you can control everything about your website.


The dashboard is fully explained in our WordPress Dashboard for Beginners post.


By default your WordPress installation comes with a free WordPress theme installed on it, so that your site is already up and running. Go to the themes section by clicking on the “Themes” link in the left hand vertical menu and you will see the following screen.



This shows the active theme, which is called Twenty Twenty-One.


Finally you can view your newly launched site and how it looks with the theme by clicking the “visit site” link under the site name (see image below):


Here’s how it looks with Twenty Twenty-One installed:








Inexpensive kw on Bing: (total 340/month).


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